Part 141 Flight Schools

Part 141 Flight Schools is the best Part 141 flight school directory that lists pretty much all the Part 141 Flight Schools in the USA.  So if you are looking to find a Part 141 Flight School in your areas, we list them by State and by Airport.

There are many reasons why a Part 141 Flight School is recommended.  Part 141 Flight Schools provide a better quality of training, fewer training hours, and less cost. Here are some of the advantages of learning to flight at a Part 141 school include:

  • The Instrument Rating may be completed in 35 flight hours rather than the 40 flight hours required at a Part 61 school
  • You may enroll in and complete the Part 141 Instrument Rating course without the requisite 50 hours of Cross Country Pilot-in-Command (PIC) time required of Part 61 students
  • The Part 141 Commercial Pilot Course can be completed in a total of 120 hours. This means the minimum total time to become a Commercial Pilot at a Part 141 school is 190 hours rather than the 250 hours required at a Part 61 school
  • VA Benefits.
    The Veteran’s Administration will provide benefits for flight training to qualified military veterans provided they attend a Part 141 flight school and are enrolled in approved Part 141 flight courses. VA will not provide any benefits for Part 61 flight courses.

However the best part about a Part 141 Flight School that you get is quality.  There are certain standards that a Part 141 Flight School must maintain. Here is a list of standards:

Part 141 Schools must:

  • Be periodically audited by the FAA (no-notice inspections)
  • Develop and use detailed, FAA-approved training course outlines for each course
  • Conduct ground and flight lessons in a structured manner following an approved syllabus and lesson plans
  • Establish written safety practices and procedures for conducting flight training
  • Maintain very detailed training records for each student enrolled
  • Meet minimum student pilot performance rates. A minimum “pass” rate must be maintained.
  • Provide training aircraft that meet very stringent maintenance and safety standards. These aircraft must be made available to the FAA for inspection and are subject to inspection at any time, without notice.
  • Posses and maintain suitable, approved ground facilities

Add Your Part 141 Flight School:
If your flight school is a Part 141 Flight School and is not listed on this website.  Please contact us and add your Part 141 Flight School today and we will make certain to add your Flight School to our site. We appreciate all your help in making this the best Part 141 Flight School directory on the web.  Please let us know how we can improve our site.  We look forward to working with you.

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